Friday, September 21, 2012

Blacklight Dance Party

At the Campus Rec center at the University of Arizona (one of my favorite gyms!), I (along with an awesome team of instructors) began a tradition of having a blacklight dance party.  Last semester was a FANTASTIC success (we had over 70 people!).

My outfit!

Last night was the second party.  The instructors were super excited!

Not the best pictures, but 5 fabulous instructors ready to dance! 

However, we only had 15 people.  The event wasn't as advertised (they only made tiny flyers--I didn't find this out until the day of).  It was scheduled during midterm week for the undergrads.  Yes, there are reasons, but we were super bummed.  

We did everything we could to make it fun (and fun it was!), but it was still extremely disappointing.  

Have you ever had an event rock the first time and not work as well the second?  How did you get yourself excited again?  


  1. That looks like so much fun!! Sorry the 2nd time wasn't as successful, but definitely don't give up!

    1. It definitely is a blast! Hopefully we'll have a better response if we do it again!

  2. awh! that looks awesome! im sorry that it wasnt as successful this time! i would like to do something like that!! hope the next one will be even better! spa love!

  3. Those are so fun! i did a glow in the dark yoga party not too long ago in downtown Tampa, good times! SPA <3

  4. That sucks :-(. We're facing the same problem with a uni event at the moment. Sometimes smaller is more intimate though, and if enough people know each other, it's kind of cool to have a small party.