Sunday, October 21, 2012

Group Exercise Myths Busted by Brianna!

Quick apologies to start for being completely MIA (there's a blog coming about the chronicles of my past few weeks that are circling something out of a movie...I promise!).  However, while I am getting my life in order, Brianna from Fit Girls is guest posting here today as part of the Sweat Pink Blog Swap (This link has more links to all of the fun swapping happening today!).  If you're just dying to read some of my rambles, you can find my post on her blog!  So, without further Brianna! 

Hey everyone! I’m Brianna. I’m a blogger over at Fit Girls, and a Sweat Pink Ambassador. I teach Group Exercise classes (well… I’m a sub, so not all the time), and I’m constantly in other instructor’s classes (read: I take or between 18-24 classes a week… yes, that’s pretty much a full day’s worth of classes a week… and that’s not even including my hours training on my own, or with a personal trainer).

Well… before I get into my argument over whether or not I feel Group Exercise is the way to go in order to lose weight (or whatever your goal is), let me tell you a little about my background with exercise. In high school, I joined my first gym. I immediately started trying classes, because that’s what my family did. I did spin, step and what’s called “rock hard”, which is weight training. I wasn’t really completely into it, but I went… mostly as a reason to procrastinate on homework. I also was a part of the colorguard… anyone who has done this, knows that tossing a weighted flag is HARD. So I was an average kid, not really fat, but not skinny.

Once college started, I felt really overwhelmed. I completely stopped going to the gym, and started eating… a lot. I gained upwards of 30 pounds during my first year at school. I was now “fat”. However, I started getting depressed because of my weight, and for other reasons. I finally decided to make a change. I hired a personal trainer, and started slowly getting back into classes at the gym. My personal trainer worked with me on getting my strength back, while my classes started getting my cardio strength up. As I got fit, I started going to the gym twice a day.

I then joined another gym about a year into my journey. I kept my other gym membership going so I can still work with my personal trainer; however, most of my classes were at the other gym. I fell in love with the classes at this new gym. They are all powered by Body Training Systems. I started taking BTS Group Kick, Group Ride, Group Power, Group Step and Group Groove.
Meanwhile, I started getting fitness certifications. I got my spinning certification, am working on my BTS Group Groove certification (sent in my tape this past weekend….ahhhhh) and will be getting my TRX Group Exercise certification soon (November 4th… YAY). I have also stopped working with a trainer, and focus completely on classes.

Anyways, now that you know my background with exercise, I am going to tell you something. My way of working out may not be for everyone. I do believe that, for me, a mix of personal training and group classes are the best way to go. They really are triggered for everybody!
Here are some myths I have heard about Group Exercise:

Myth 1: Only women do them… and the guys who do them are feminine.

FALSE: While the class is majority women, there are quite a few men who take classes. And trust me; the men I take classes with are NOT feminine at all! They are tough and strong. They find that the classes are more motivating.

Myth 2: Everyone’s going to stare at me!

FALSE: Everyone’s into their own workout, nobody’s going to even pay attention. The only one who may look at you (especially if you’re new to the class) is the instructor… and he/she are only going to check if your form is right. Also, many new people stand in the back, so they are less seen by everyone else. The more experienced people/ show offs (like myself LOL) are in front.

Myth 3: Classes are only for fit people… there’s no way I can keep up!

FALSE: Classes are for everyone… you can do them at your own level and build up to the higher levels.

However, the group exercise classes aren’t for everyone… but I would suggest trying one! You may fall in love with it. My mom has tried to take classes with me, and she HATES them. However, you can’t get me, my grandma and my aunts away from them. Also, don’t forget, not every class is going to be “right” for you. I HATE yoga with a passion… but my aunt loves it. I LOVE Group Kick… but my grandma hates it. You have to find what’s right for you… and stick with it!

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