Friday, November 23, 2012

Why I've been MIA

Soooo sorry for not having posted for awhile.  Taking 4 graduate classes (never ever ever again) and being a teaching assistant for 268 students have taken control of every moment of my waking life.  When I have had a few spare minutes, the last thing I have wanted to do is spend more time in front of my keyboard.  After this semester ends (December 12 can't come soon enough!), I will try to come back to the blogging world.

Mostly because, I have some exciting events coming up in the next few months (details to come, but hints include Ragnar Arizona and possibly a Rock-n-Roll half!).  I also still have some incredible giveaways to share with you (including my headband trial adventures!).

Right now I'm trying to survive school hell, start the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred, and try for the Runner's World Holiday Streak (run at least a mile every day from Thanksgiving to New Years).

Hope your holidays are going well!  How are you staying fit for the holidays??

Stay tuned tomorrow for a special surprise I have to share with you, then await my return (I know your all holding your breath!) after December 12 :)


  1. Yikes 4grad classes is a lot! I am busy with 2. Good luck with the rest of the semester :)

  2. Busy girl! Thanks for joining the 30 day shred challenge! Good lucky with everything :)